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Wild bird feeder cam - Bird Cam

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the original
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by Five Cedars

Streaming cam for DSL or cable connections.

60 second reload for dial up users.

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The cams are located outside our home and studio in the Village of Theresa NY.
Theresa is in Northern New York State in the Eastern Lake Ontario - Thousand Islands Region.
Our precise location is:
N 44.21661 W 75.78870.

In the summer there are many local food sources available such as berries, seeds and insects.
Since this feeder is in a new location we wanted to attract birds right away.

We placed another bird feeder on the other side of the arbor to increase the visibility.
We also put a bird bath below the feeder and filled it with clean water.

The birds are finally showing up and we are preparing a new more secluded area with an assortment of feeders and water features.
Here is a list of the usual characters:
Black Capped Chickadee
English Sparrows
Evening Grosbeak
Gold Finch
And many others.

And your liable see a chipmunk or two !

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This is one of the setups for the wild bird feeder webcam.
We use several different style feeders and a variety of seed.
There are natural flowers and the arbor provides cover and a place for waiting birds to land.
The bird bath is kept clean and filled with water.

Update: This station was clobbered with ice falling off the house. The arbor was smashed but the feeder survived.

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